6 tips to make a storm worthy game

Know Your Target Audience

Who doesn’t love games? While this may be true, every game has its niche audience. Targeting the whole market may sound tempting but it may not be the right approach for you. The sooner the marketers realize that, the easier it will be to fully focus and cater their niche. Powerful tools like Google AdWords can help marketers target the specific audience directly.

Master your Social Media Marketing

With a fast-paced world like today’s, the importance of social media is inevitable. The significance is majorly highlighted in this industry because both gaming and social media originally stem from digital technology. Now more than ever, it is easier to connect with our audience so why not make the best of it? While, marketers can use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Twitter itself has customized a category for gaming. Yet another popular technique making rounds on social media is collaborating with influencers and streamers which creates a hype on its own.

Measure your analytics carefully

Powerful tools such as App Annie, Sensor tower, Firebase are a true blessing for a game marketer. Metrics such as retention rate, DAU, ANR and crash rate and keyword ranking, are easily available on these websites. To keep up with the intense competition and convey smooth user experience, these tools are a must-have.

Gear up for the Pre-Launch

Close to the countdown, it is always better to enlighten your user and keep them anticipated for the big surprise. Top gamers are using a new strategy by either offering an early access to the game or using the option of new apps, on all Apple platforms, to be made available for pre-order. This may be a marketing element but at the back-end developer should also test the games thoroughly before it goes live.

Game Reviews

As the competition is getting more intense, users have more choice when it comes to games. Only a good trailer or metadata won’t be enough to change a prospective user into a satisfied user. Thus, marketers need to focus on game rating and game reviews. This could work favorably when a user lands on your page and reads positive reviews and high ratings and instantly downloads the game. Moreover, the reviews can also help marketer to analyze what issues the users are facing. Maybe the game is lagging or too much ads are ruining the user experience.

Update and Repeat

In the world of gaming, update plays a pivotal role. Once the game is live, it should be constantly updated with new levels, better user experience or if any issues occur at developer end, it should be taken care of in the next update. Hopefully, these points gave you a valuable insight.